In 2009 my beloved dog of 17+ years passed away. Nothing can ever replace a lost family member, but in her honor, I thought I would save the life of a shelter dog. I was so amazed by how many wonderful dogs needed a home -purebreds, mixed breeds, even puppies. It was very difficult to decide which one…… so I adopted four! Lucky dogs, lucky me!

Valentine, before

When I searched for dog clothing I was very disappointed at the low quality and poor fit of what was available. I wanted something I hadn’t seen time and time again, in addition to being very beautiful and fitting correctly. Being unable to find anything I started designing and custom making what I needed. Only the best for my best friends! Gorgeous fabrics of the highest quality and of course, soft linings for warmth and comfort. Jewels for added bling! All my Canine Celebrities looked great. I was delighted other people thought so too, including many Celebrities. So Celebrity Canine Couture was born.

Valentine, after

We now offer over 50 original designs and unlimited One of a Kind outfits in all sizes. All proudly made in the USA with special personal attention to every detail. We have also been featured on ‘Beverly Hills Housewives’. We use only high quality materials and soft, luxurious fabrics so your Celebrity Canine will always be comfortable and on the Best Dressed list! We have not forgotten how we started, so part of every sale helps our goal to give back and help save more lives of the wonderful dogs that desperately need homes.

Remember – Shelter dogs are:

A. Adopted
B. Killed
C. There is no “C”

Please Adopt, Foster, Spay, Neuter. Together we CAN make a difference!

The pictures featured are of our Valentine, before at the shelter and now happy, healthy and loved.